Lauren McGuire is the EVP, Managing Director of Man Made Music, a strategic sound and music studio. Lauren is an accomplished brand strategist with 15 years of experience in client relationship building and project management in a variety of scientific and creative fields, previously launching global advertising campaigns for Pfizer.

In 2011, when presented with the opportunity, Lauren made a hard left in her career and went into sensorial branding with Man Made Music. With Man Made, Lauren has nurtured and grown relationships with clients like AT&T, Abbott, IMAX, Univision Network, Alzheimer’s Association, Hulu, CBS and more, with her expertise on the future of sonic most recently featured in Adweek.

In her spare time, Lauren is a dedicated advocate for women’s issues, volunteering with the New York hospital’s Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis program. Knowing that how you treat people in their moments of need can have a lasting impact, Lauren’s takes her determination to share kindness to those she is in contact with both on and off the clock.