“The right combination of people and technology always wins.”

Charles Cantu is the original self-made man. In an industry populated by an alphabet soup of M.B.A.s and Ph.D.s, Charles started with nothing more than a two-year Associate’s degree and a passion for technology. Over the past 15 years, he’s transformed that knowledge and passion into numerous multi-million dollar organizations – ensuring the success (and gratitude) of multiple sales teams and businesses.

Throughout the course of his career, Charles has managed the national iTV, VOD, mobile and online sales strategies for such industry leaders as Disney, Microsoft, Time Warner, Comcast, Cox Media and more. He’s also worked extensively on the demand side of the digital advertising equation, most recently as Vice President of Sales at MediaMath, where he helped marketers develop optimized digital ad campaigns to connect individually with consumers across the world.

Recognizing that too many people in the digital sector cater to big brands with big budgets without providing additional transparency into the “buy and sell stream”, Charles saw a need in the market from specialized clients wishing to achieve greater efficiency and trust in their digital marketing. In 2012, he founded Huddled Masses as a boutique trading desk offering brands and agencies transparent programmatic optimization of highly targeted digital campaigns – all at scale. 

Today, Huddled Masses is in the top tier of technology, media buying and digital marketing strategy companies in the country. The company regularly provides its clients with best practices, white glove service, old world values along with a streamlined processes that deliver returns ranging from 10% as a baseline to as high as 200% or more. “From there,” Charles says with a smile, “the sky is the limit.”