Barbara Tint PhD, has over 30 years of experience as a psychologist, university professor, global trainer and organizational consultant. She has spent much of her life working with individuals, groups and organizations toward growth, education and change.

Her background is multifaceted, which means she has a wide range of knowledge, tools, resources and experiences to draw from. Her areas of expertise include conflict transformation, dialogue processes, power and status, intercultural relations, gender dynamics, leadership, resilience, transition and change.  She is a published writer and has lived and worked on every continent (OK, not Antartica).

Her approach is dynamic, humanizing and incisive — even when wrangling with some of the world's most delicate situations. She thrives on assessing and resolving high stakes, multi-faceted challenges and believes that every organization has the potential to transform and thrive.  She brings compassion, humor, flexibility, experiential methods and the ability to create safe space for deep engagement.  When working with her, you will learn and stretch and just maybe, have a little bit of fun.