Tuesday, April 10

4A's Accelerate

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Breakfast – Brought to you by alphonso
Americana 4

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Americana Rotunda

7:50 AM - 8:20 AM
Breakfast Briefing – Brought to you by Alphonso
Poinciana 2

TV Data Innovation for Cross-Platform Targeting, Insights and Attribution

Real-time TV viewership data is changing the landscape for both TV and digital advertising. With the ability to pinpoint TV audiences across all the devices they use, and tie TV ad exposures to offline foot traffic and sales, TV is no longer just a top-of-the funnel medium. It's a hub from which cross-platform campaigns can be optimized, amplified and measured. Alphonso Chief Product Officer Raghu Kodige will discuss best practices for understanding TV audience behavior across screens, and how brands are optimizing engagement, spend and results across TV and digital.

Raghu Kodige, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Alphonso

8:30 AM - 8:45 AM
Welcome and Overview

Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A's

Emcee: Greg Stern, Co-founder and CEO, BSSP and 4A's Board Chair

8:45 AM - 9:15 AM
John Leguizamo on Being Latino in Hollywood and the Latino Marketing Opportunity 

As a multi-faceted, award-winning star of the stage and screen and co-founder of NGL Collective, a leading Latino media and entertainment company, John Leguizamo is always happy to share his thoughts on being Latino in Hollywood, and the best ways to connect with the highly coveted Latino audience. With NGL, John is working to refresh the Latino media and entertainment narrative and connect advertisers with today's Latino audience through inspiring, culturally-relevant content delivered across platforms. Leguizamo's work is well known in film, theatre, television and literature. He just wrapped another successful stint on Broadway with his latest critically acclaimed one-man show, Latin History for Morons. Most recently, John also appeared in the final season of Bloodline on Netflix.

John Leguizamo, Actor and Partner, NGL Collective

 Interviewer: Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman, CEO, Alma Ad

9:15 AM - 9:45 AM
Disrupting the Launch Sequence

In today's marketing world, it's nearly impossible to get people's attention - with a chaotic news cycle, rapidly changing technology landscape, and radically shifting media consumption habits, getting in front of the right people at the right time has never been harder. Brands must disrupt the norm in order to break through the clutter. Nowhere is this more apparent than when a brand is launching something new - whether it's a product, service, or just a new campaign. Come hear from Stephanie Prager, Head of Global Agency Development at Twitter, as she discusses how brands must take bold actions to enable their messages to reach consumers.

Sarita Bhatt, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Sonos
Lauren Fuller, Account Director, 360i
Ryan Kefer, VP, Planning & Digital Director, Spark Foundry
Stephanie Prager, Head of Global Agency Development, Twitter

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
How A Strengths Based Company Drives Talent & Growth

Facebook was recently named Glassdoor's top place to work for the third year in a row, so what goes into earning this recognition? To start, a relentless focus on the company's mission and culture. Join Facebook's Nada Stirratt, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, North America, as she details three key focus areas for hiring and retaining top talent in advertising and marketing. Leading agency voices will also join Nada on stage to discuss talent challenges and opportunities, and will provide a behind-the-scenes view into recent 'Vision Writing' workshops that empower and inspire teams for the year ahead.

Kathleen Brookbanks, Chief Operating Officer, Hearts & Science
Bill Koenigsberg, President, CEO and Founder, Horizon Media
Renetta McCann, Chief Inclusion Experience Officer, Publicis Groupe
Nada Stirratt, VP, Global Marketing Solutions, North America, Facebook
Nancy Tortorella, US Chief Client Officer, Wavemaker

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Break – Brought to you by the Institute of Practioners in Advertising (IPA)


10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Advertising Assurance & the Crisis of Confidence  

A Two Part Session:

  1. A recap of the March 19 Advertising Assurance Forum in NYC
  2. The Edelman Trust Barometer on Consumer Confidence

There is a desperate search [among consumers] for the terra firma of stability and truth. In the 4th wave of the Trust Tsunami, the rise of disinformation is perhaps the most insidious because it undermines the very essence of rational discourse and decision making. Learn from Matt Harrington, Global COO of Edelman, just how deeply fake news, fraud, and piracy impact the average consumer. It will change how you view brand safety.

Matthew Harrington, Global Chief Operating Officer, Edelman
Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A's
John Sheehy, Global Brand President, Starcom Worldwide

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Inside Bud's Purpose-Driven Marketing

Budweiser made a splash on this year's Super Bowl with a commercial called "Stand by You," which told the story of the company's effort to provide emergency drinking water to communities in need during natural disasters. So far, the spot has garnered more than 20 million views on YouTube, but it's not Budweiser's first foray into purpose-driven marketing. In this conversation, learn more about why Bud's top marketing chief believes brand purpose is the future and why employees and consumers need to be inspired by what a brand stands for.   

Ricardo Marques, VP, US Marketing, Budweiser

Interviewer: Greg Stern, Co-founder and CEO, BSSP and 4A's Board Chair

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM
A Conversation About "Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)"

Get an early, inside look at the widely anticipated book on the advertising industry by the author of Googled: The End of the World as We Know it. Auletta writes that advertising and marketing touches on every corner of our lives, and is the invisible fuel powering almost all media.

He enters the rooms of the ad world's most important players, some of them business partners, some adversaries, others "frenemies." He finds we are a long way from the days of Don Draper; as Mad Men is turned into Math Men (and women), and as an instinctual art is transformed into a science.

Ken Auletta, Best-selling Author, Writer for The New Yorker
Bill Koenigsberg, President, CEO and Founder, Horizon Media

12:15 PM - 2:00 PM
Americana 4

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM
Lunch and Learns*

*Each attendee has the opportunity to participate in the session(s) of their choosing. Registration for the Lunch and Learns are available via the 4A's Events app in the Agenda section.


Lunch and Learn – Brought to you by FreeWheel
Poinciana 1

Parts Unknown: Exploring the World of Advanced TV

What does Advanced TV really mean?  These days it seems like there’s a lot of chatter but not a whole lot of clarity on the topic.  In this session, FreeWheel Market’s CRO of Advanced TV Brian Wallach will take a deeper look inside the ever-evolving world.  You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of common terms, different data sources and the role data plays to help you find your desired audience and deliver valuable reach.

Brian Wallach, SVP/Chief Revenue Officer – Advanced TV, FreeWheel, A Comcast Company


*  *  *

Lunch and Learn – Brought to you by LiveRamp
Poinciana 2

Demystifying People-Based Marketing: An Agency Perspective

People-based marketing promises an omnichannel customer experience by recognizing real people across channels and devices. Agencies are stepping up to help brands navigate this new capability to reach consumers with relevant messaging and measure ROI. Join LiveRamp's Head of Strategy Chris Murphy along with Annalect's President Adam Gitlin to get answers to today's key topics in people-based marketing, from Advanced TV to measurement. Adam and Chris will explore how people-based marketing is collapsing the traditional channel-based approach and its impact to people, process, technology, and partnerships.

Chris Murphy, Head of Strategy, LiveRamp
Adam Gitlin, President, Annalect



*  *  *

Lunch and Learn – Brought to you by Snap Inc.
Poinciana 3

The Power of Play - How Snapchat is Democratizing AR

As an early adopter of AR, Snapchat has grown to become one of the world's largest platforms for AR usage. Since the launch of Lenses 2.5 years ago, Snapchat has aired more than 3,000 AR experiences resulting in more than 250,000 years of playtime. In this talk, Carolina will discuss the distribution of AR on Snapchat, how the power of play drives brand objectives and the democratization of AR through innovation. 

Carolina Arguelles, Head of AR Product Strategy, Snap Inc.



*  *  *

Lunch and Learn – Brought to you by A+E Networks
Poinciana 4

A+E Networks Project Attribution: Measuring The Power of TV

The fragmentation of media consumption has lead to claims that TV is on its way out. But with Americans spending 80% of their video viewing consuming traditional TV, many marketers have learned first hand, lose TV and sales go with it.

Now there’s a way to measure the direct impact of video advertising on product sales with Project Attribution, a standardized, open, transparent methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of TV and measuring the impact from premium, multi-screen TV video advertising. Developed in partnership with Data Plus Math, an independent analytics and data company, marketers will walk away with an understanding of Project Attributions’ data and reporting capabilities, and real world results from beta test campaigns with select top 100 brands.

David Ernst, VP, Strategic Insights, A+E Network



2:00 PM - 3:45 PM
4A's Learning Tracks*

*Each attendee has the opportunity to participate in the session(s) of their choosing. Registration for the 4A's Learning Tracks are available via the 4A's Events app in the Agenda section.

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Americana Ballroom

Improv comedy teams routinely create funny performances on the fly. In this interactive workshop you'll learn the comedy fundamentals that double as professional skills with performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Experience how comedians use "Yes And" to upgrade communicating, and test practical tools to be more creative and productive with coworkers. You'll leave this session with simple improv principals that will make collaborations exciting, rewarding and intuitive. It's easy and fun and we won't force anyone on stage- we promise!

Chelsea Clarke, Performer and Instructor, Upright Citizens Brigade, Director of Corporate Learning, UCB Industries
Abra Tabak, Performer and Instructor, Upright Citizens Brigade

*  *  *

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Advertising Assurance - Consumers & Brands Together for Common Good

Poinciana 1-2

On March 19th, the industry got together to talk about how we achieve Advertising Assurance - keeping both  brands and consumers safe. With technology providing numerous options for consumer access to content, we collectively have the responsibility to safeguard consumers and the brands we work with to ensure balanced environments where brands and consumers can coexist with trust. Come be the change you want to see in the ecosystem. 

Joe Barone, Managing Partner, Brand Safety Americas, GroupM
Brian Quinn
, President, OpenSlate
Shailley Singh, Senior Director, IAB TechLab
Jessica Reid, Product Marketing Manager, Grapeshot
Seth Rogin, President & CEO, Nucleus Marketing Solutions

Moderator: Louis Jones, EVP, Media & Data, 4A's

*  *  *

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Put the Jingle in the Drawer – Preparing for a Sound First World   
Poinciana 3-4

As human beings, we’re wired for sound, reacting to it faster than any other sense. Even though it’s the most universal form of communication, sound has historically been far from top of mind for marketers and advertisers, used as a marketing add on if at all. Those days are over. The sonic experts from Man Made Music, a strategic music and sound studio, are here to tell you: Get Prepared for a Sound First World.

New technologies, old methods. With the rapid proliferation of voice driven activations in home, car, office and beyond, voice and sound will have much broader implications for how brands advertise and market. Alexa apps and podcasts are just the beginning, learn how sound and voice will evolve into one of the fundamental connections to customers and audiences, establishing loyalty, credibility, creative experiences, storytelling and brand identity. New technologies through our oldest most vital sense, sound. Don’t get left behind. 

Lauren McGuire, EVP, Managing Director, Man Made Music
Dan Venne, Group Creative Director, Lead Producer, Man Made Music

*  *  *

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Machine Decisioning - AI Comes of Age
Poinciana 1-2

What will the advertising process look like in the Age of AI? How we develop and deliver assets in the near future will change significantly. Come experience how machines unite assets and distribution and drive a new advertising context. Totally futuristic!

Jordan Bitterman, CMO, IBM Watson Content & IoT Platform
Ed DeCaria, Chief Product Officer, Nucleal
Grant McDougall, CEO, Blackbelt.ai
Deb Ray, Chief Technology Officer, End Cue

*  *  *

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Strategies Newly Proven to Accelerate Growth and How to Apply Them in Today’s Increasingly Digital, Social, and Mobile World
Poinciana 3-4

Each marketer and agency faces a growth imperative. Increase your odds of success by applying findings from a study on strategies newly proven to lift the performance of short-term activation efforts while driving YOY increases in revenue, share, margin and brand strength. These discoveries, curated from the likes Deloitte, Accenture, the IPA, ARF and more, and presented by Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ Chief Strategist Marsha Lindsay, include:

  • The ways most everyone in marketing is inadvertently thwarting the very growth they are charged with driving.
  • Three popular marketing rules-of-thumb now proven to be impotent.
  • Universal marketing strategies that drive growth.

Marsha Lindsay, Chair and Chief Strategist, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

3:45 PM - 4:15 PM

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM
Why Diverse Leadership Matters

This is not your typical diversity discussion. We are in the midst of a long overdue industry-wide call for more equity, diversity and empowerment, this movement is not just about doing what is right. It's also about doing what is best for business and how a diverse workforce leads to increased creativity. This panel will highlight the benefits of diverse leadership, providing statistical justification, personal testimonies and actionable steps for approaching and achieving equality objectives in a way that makes them as much of a priority as any other business or financial goal.

Karen Costello, Chief Creative Officer, Martin
Renetta McCann, Chief Inclusion Experience Officer, Publicis Groupe
Denise Wong, President, Midnight Oil

Moderator: Keesha Jean-Baptiste, SVP, Talent Engagement + Inclusion, 4A’s

4:45 PM - 5:15 PM
How One Agency Launched a Social Phenomenon

Through its "Action and Goodness Program", Allen & Gerritsen looks to harness passion and creativity to make a positive impact. So in a year marred by violence, conflict, and distrust between citizens and law enforcement throughout the country, the Boston-based agency saw an opportunity to bring its community together and foster communication and understanding. Enter Mobile Stü, a mobile recording studio founded by Mike Boston, that empowers kids to make their voices heard - anytime, anywhere - and express their frustrations, hopes, fears, and dreams in a positive way. From that mission, the #blackwithblue movement was born.

Mike Boston, Rapper and Founder, Mobile Stü 

Interviewer: Andrew Graff, CEO, Allen & Gerritsen

5:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Networking Cocktail Reception and Entertainment
Americana 4