Adam Gitlin Headshot.jpg

Adam Gitlin serves as the President of Annalect. In his role as President, Adam has direct management responsibility for all areas of Consulting, Platform (consisting of the Product Management, Technology, and Data teams), and Legal & Privacy.

Previously, Adam was the global lead for Annalect’s Data Group, responsible for overseeing data management, data policy, and ad technology across the organization. Adam has also operated as U.S. Director Digital Analytics at OMD where he launched and built the practice to creatively solve for a range of campaign measurement challenges across social analytics, funnel optimization, branding, and digital attribution.

In 2010, Adam led the launch of OMG North America’s ad technology consultancy, Platform Logistics, to develop a best-in-class expertise around digital tracking and deployment technologies. Adam serves on the agency advisory boards of several industry leading technologies and is actively involved in 4A’s/IAB initiatives.